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Pokemon Center Theme
« on: December 12, 2011, 04:15:12 PM »
I was playin' Pokemon this weekend and felt like tabbing this for the 6-hole. A tab is already there for 12 holes, but i figured it would be more convenient not to have to transpose it. Basically, you copy and past the letters into the 6-hole fingering composer on the STL website, which is at this link STL Fingering Composer
This link takes you to the composer hub. Just click on the 6 hole link and then put the composer into "keyboard/number/scale composer" any one will work. Then copy and paste the letters into the blue-ish box.


H  K
C  F
H  K

If you want to print this, there are directions under the thread "How to publish tabs from fingering composer". Jack has a very good tutorial that goes over image copying and posting. I made posted shortened version for just getting the image on the bottom of the thread.

Hope this helps you all.
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