Author Topic: would appreciate 4 hole tabs for a lot of songs please help me out  (Read 1044 times)


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I save tabs to my phone, don't have a computer so I'll need tabs posted not links and/or downloads as they won't work.... but I've been trying to find 4(easier to learn) or 6 hole tabs for the following songs:
Leaves from the vine-avatar the last air bender and Any other songs available from this tv show, as I love it!
Any songs from any Disney movie, preferably classics, lion king,  little mermaid, pocahontas, ect.
She's so heavy (I want you)-the Beatles
Come together-the Beatles
let it be-the Beatles
Hey jude-the Beatles
Lucy in the sky with diamonds-the Beatles
twist and shout-the Beatles
All you need is love-the Beatles
Vanilla twilight-owl city
stand by me-ben e. King
stay with me-sam smith
Say something-great big world
just the two of us-bill withers
hit the road jack-ray Charles
edge of the night- from lord of the rings
be the song-foy vance
The lullaby thats hummed in pans labyrinth
The black beauty theme from the 1994 movie

Im sure theres plenty of other songs I cant think of so feel free to post! :)
and any songs that you think sound amazing on ocarina!

I love my ocarina! It's actually the ocarina of time from Zelda.