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Ocarina Information / Re: Fingering Charts
« Last post by navy83girl on Today at 09:21:44 AM »
If someone could please update the fingering chart list to include a chart for the 6-hole tenor rupee ocarina, I could greatly appreciate it. I noticed in one of the other threads (and from trying to play scales on the one I recently purchased) that a couple of the fingerings are off from other 6-hole ocarinas. I think just B flat and B natural, but there could be others. I'm not sure, which is why I'd like a complete chart. Thank you for your time and help.  :)
Tabs / 6 Hole Ocarina Love Boat theme Tabs
« Last post by 3rdeyecat on Yesterday at 08:17:19 PM »
Anyone out there have the taps for the love boat theme from the early 80's?
Suggested Music / Request - Open Arms by Journey
« Last post by JasonDBurgess on Yesterday at 12:04:29 AM »
I was wondering if anyone had sheet music, or if they could compose some tabs for Open Arms.  It's a beautiful song, and I'd love to learn it so I can perform it to a special someone.
6 Hole / Re: Tenor Legend of Zelda Rupee Ocarina
« Last post by navy83girl on June 24, 2017, 02:32:37 PM »
I recently purchased the 6-hole purple tenor rupee ocarina, and I absolutely love it! It has a great sound to it, and I love that it came with a string so I can wear it around my neck, however, it did not come with a fingering chart. I saw in one of the replies on this thread that this particular ocarina has a different fingering for B natural. The fingering on this one for B natural is both thumbs and the right index finger, rather than both thumbs and the right middle finger, which is how it is on most 6-hole ocarinas I guess. However, according to the fingering chart on this website, the fingering for a 6-hole ocarina B-flat is the same as the fingering for the tenor rupee ocarina's fingering for B natural - both thumbs and the right index finger.

I guess what I'm asking is - could someone please post a correct fingering chart for the tenor rupee ocarina? I'm just wondering if B natural and B-flat are the only 2 notes that are different, and I'd like a complete fingering chart since I've been unable to find one for this specific ocarina, and it has different fingerings than a regular 6-hole ocarina. Thank you all so much for the help. :)
Suggested Music / Teddy Bear's Picnic?
« Last post by SailorTeddyBear on June 19, 2017, 07:07:09 PM »
As you can probably see from my user-name, I love teddy bears! Teddy Bear's  Picnic is even my ring-tone. I would LOVE to play it on my Ocarina.

I prefer it in tabs form.

Suggested Music / Sweet and Innocent by Donny Osmond?
« Last post by SailorTeddyBear on June 19, 2017, 07:04:35 PM »
I think that this song would sound nice on the Ocarina. Actually, most of Donny Osmond's songs will sound lovely on the Ocarina.

I like the tabs format.

12 Hole Tabs / Re: Fire Emblem Main Theme
« Last post by TheWeirdOtaku on June 17, 2017, 12:16:04 PM »
Very well tabbed, as a huge Fire Emblem fan I'm glad you did this. I put it as an image for you and tried to organize it to be on one page.

This picture doesn't exist anymore...

The same goes for a lot of your other tabs, the pictures are gone.
Sheet Music / Re: Tetris Theme
« Last post by Sitzman on June 16, 2017, 01:21:29 AM »
The Tetris Theme! Thanks so much, now I'm going to learn it off by heart.
The Music Vault / Game music requests
« Last post by Twilightargent on June 13, 2017, 07:40:45 AM »
Newbie here, had my Ocarinas a while (6 holes and 12 Holes) I have managed to play a few songs and am trying to convert some using the STL Ocarina fingering but to be quite frank I am rubbish at it :) I usually play by ear...I am going to keep trying though!

I was wondering if anyone has already converted these prefereably for 6 hole Ocarina:

Ipsen's Castle FF9

An cuimhin leat an gra/The Best is Yet to Come (Metal Gear Solid)

If not and I get there first, I'll post my (probably poor :D) offerings it's gonna take a while...
The Music Vault / REQUEST
« Last post by mzawadzka on June 12, 2017, 06:37:11 AM »
Our Ocarina Group would like to learn how to play Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious does anyone have this on a 6 or 4 hole tab.
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